A Cúrate Trip with Felix: Madrid & Castilla


Cúrate Trips explore destinations through a unique culinary lens, and this Cúrate at Home experience was crafted by Félix Meana to capture the rich flavors of Madrid & Castilla.

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  • Cúrate Morcilla Casera: house made blood sausage, best if broiled or seared in a pan until crisp.
  • Cúrate Fresh Chorizo: made with local pork by the Cúrate chefs. Chorizo is an iconic fresh Spanish sausage with smoked pimentón – ready for the grill!
  • Organic Judion Beans: large Spanish butter beans, luxurious texture
  • Fire-Roasted Pimientos de Piquillo Peppers: Piquillo peppers roasted in a wood-fired, soft, skinned and seeded peppers with a gorgeous sweet smoky flavor.
  • Esparragos Blancos: tender and delicate white asparagus spears
  • Queso Afuega’L Pitu: one of Spain’s oldest cheeses from Asturias made with unpasteurized cow’s milk. Slightly acidic with a creamy texture
  • Queso Cabrales: semi-hard, blue cheese with penetrating aroma and sharp, acidic, mildly salty taste.
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