Anchovy Stuffed Olives


La Explanada anchovy stuffed olives are hand-stuffed with high-quality anchovy filets, creating a perfect balance of salty and savory flavors.

The olives are carefully selected for their plumpness and texture, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable eating experience. The anchovies used to stuff the olives are sourced from the waters off the coast of Spain, and known for their superior taste and quality.

They also pair well with a variety of wines and cocktails, and are also delicious on their own, alongside a bowl of crunchy olive oil potato chips. They are the perfect accompaniment to any social gathering.

At La Explanada,  they take great pride in a commitment to quality and authenticity. All olives are hand-stuffed and packed in small batches to ensure that every jar is a perfect representation of their passion for gourmet food.

Once opened, keep cold and consume within 7 days.

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Net Wt 12.7 oz 

Ingredients: water, green olives, anchovy paste 6% (anchovy, stabilizer E401) salt, flavor enhancer E621, acidulant E330 antioxidant E300

Weight 0.90625 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in