Cúrate Charcuterie Tasting Experience


This trio of craft charcuterie delicacies with accompaniments is the realization of a dream the Cúrate team has had since day one — to bring iconic Spanish flavors to the US with authentic, true-to-tradition cured sausages. Spreadable sobrasada and marbled salchichón and chorizo are crafted by hand with carefully sourced pork, then cured until they’re just right. Enjoy with a selection of favorite pairings sure to inspire endless combinations, and bite after delicious bite.

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  • Cúrate Salchichón – Mild, cured pork sausage, a Catalan classic accented with peppercorns and nutmeg
  • Cúrate Cured Chorizo – Iconic dry-cured sausage featuring both pimentón and garlic
  • Cúrate Sobrasada – Delicious, cured and spreadable chorizo-style sausage with pimentón, made in the traditional Spanish style
  • Little Friar Goat Cheese – High-quality milk from Murciana goats gives this cheese a fantastic creaminess
  • Preserved Pajarero Figs – Add a sweet touch with fig jam made with lemon honey, or whole figs in PX sherry (selection varies based on availability)
  • Marcona Almonds – The highest quality, skin-on, fried and salted almonds from Spain
  • Aceitunas Cúrate – Cúrate’s house blend of castelvetrano, manzanilla, arbequina, and cuquillo olives with piparra peppers and rosemary
  • NC Honey – Wildflower honey pairs perfectly with Spanish-style charcuterie platters. Especially terrific combined with sobrasada and goat cheese!
  • Artisan Crackers – Crunchy and flavorful Spanish crackers are the perfect vehicle for endless bite combinations!
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