Cúrate con Amor Valentine’s Experience


Cúrate was born out of love and Spain, and that’s what this limited edition package is all about. The decadent marriage of pluma Ibérica and gambas de Palamós is the epitome of romance. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, this is a simple preparation of the best ingredients, and it will leave your loved one ultimately satisfied. Plenty for 2, the package includes easy instructions, so pour a glass of wine and pull up a stool for your honey – the magic is about to happen!

Serves 2. Cooking instructions and serving suggestions included. View Description below for more details.

This package contains frozen food and requires overnight shipping. Unless otherwise requested in the order notes, packages will ship on Wednesday, February 9. Please order by Tuesday, February 8.

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  • Gambas de Palamós are considered a jewel of the Mediterranean. The shrimp is so special that it has its own unique certification: Palamós. At the Lonja de Palamós fish market, every shrimp item is rigorously examined before the certified product label is applied. (Each order comes with approximately 8 shrimp.)
  • Pluma Ibérica is one of the finest cuts from the best pigs in the world – you’ve never had pork like this! Cinco Jotas’ 100% Ibérico de Bellota pigs are acorn-fed and free-range to create a world-famous tender, nutty, and juicy flavor. Marbled with healthy fat, the “pluma” or feather cut comes from the area between the neck and the shoulder, at the end of the loin.
  • Fragrant and rich, black truffle butter elevates dishes to a new height. A dab of this Wisconsin butter combined with European black truffles melting slowly over seared Pluma Ibérica is enough to make a foodie salivate.
  • Flor de sal is a crunchy finishing salt from Spain, perfect to bring out the flavor of the Mediterranean characteristic of Gambas de Palamós.
  • Rabitos Royale are premium milk chocolate-drenched figs, the perfect sweet bite to end your Valentine’s evening (4 pieces).

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 9 in

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