Cúrate Spanish Sausage Collection


All made in-house by Cúrate’s charcuterie team from high-quality, local Carolina whole hogs. You won’t find a better collection of classic Spanish sausages! The collection includes:

  • Butifarra – a house made version of a traditional Catalan-style sausage, ready to be grilled or heated in a cast iron skillet; great with Romesco (raw, 15oz)
  • Fresh Chorizo – house made iconic spicy Spanish sausage, ready for your grill or cast iron skillet (raw, 15oz)
  • Chistorra – house made chorizo in the Basque style, ready for your grill, broiler, or cast iron skillet, delicious with mashed potatoes or chips (cooked, 16oz)
  • Morcilla Casera – our house made blood sausage, best if broiled or seared in a pan until crisp, try it with a little mustard and your favorite jam (cooked, 12oz)

In stock

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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