El Lobo Turrón Blando – Soft Spanish Turrón


Each bite of this rich, smooth turrón candy bar is a delight made up of fresh roasted almonds blended with local honey. Serve slices of this almond treat with a cup of fresh coffee or tea.

Turrón comes in a number of different textures and flavors – this version, turrón blando, is slightly soft – the hard version, turrón duro, is also available! The process of making turrón begins by heating the honey. When it begins to reduce, the sugar and egg whites are added, followed by toasted nuts. Artisans blend everything together before leaving it to rest and set. The trick in making turrón is bringing the mixture to the exact set point that gives it the perfect texture. A master turron maker oversees this process.  Once the turrón is set it can be kept for up to a year if it is carefully stored. This is the perfect mouth-watering turrón!

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