Marcona Almonds


Indulge in the savory goodness of Marcona almonds from Spain. These premium nuts are known for their buttery texture, delicate flavor, and delightful crunch. Each almond is carefully selected and fried in small batches in olive oil, bringing out their natural nuttiness and enhancing their distinct character.

Marcona almonds are a popular ingredient in many Spanish dishes, including tapas and desserts, and are often paired with cheese and wine. These Marcona almonds are the perfect snack for any occasion. They are delicious on their own or can be added to salads, trail mix, or baked goods. The combination of salt and roast intensifies their nutty flavor, making them an addictive treat that you won’t be able to resist.

In stock

Net Wt 4 oz

Ingredients: Marcona almonds, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt.

Weight 0.2625 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 4 in

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