Sea Island Forge Paella Kit


In partnership with our friends over at Sea Island Forge, we’ve created a recipe and kit designed specifically for the brand new SIF Paella Rig, along with all of the Spanish specialty items that you’ll need to start! Add your choice of seafood, veggies or protein, and it’s ready to eat!


With backgrounds in construction, custom furniture, product design, photography and art, Steve and Sandy Schoettle envisioned a business that combined their respective crafts and a passion for bringing people together. Today, the Schoettles and their team of talented artisans have built just that with a line of legacy pieces that perfect the fireside experience. Outdoor gatherings around a roaring fire and the simple, meaningful traditions they foster are the cornerstone of the Sea Island Forge lifestyle.

Since the Schoettle’s signature product, the Sea Island Forge Fire Kettle, made its successful debut at the Sea Island Farmer’s Market in 2014, the growing team of metalsmiths hasn’t looked back and introduces new designs regularly.


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 15 × 5 in
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Valencian, Seafood

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